Knowledge is Power….for Good or Bad

My kids and I were watching the movie, “A Dangerous Method”, which is a good flick about the early association and eventual falling out between Freud and Jung around the beginning of the twentieth century.

A few things struck me:

The first was the angst in which Jung wanted to know the truth and not only heal his patients but also liberate their souls! He was working through some major relationship challenges that later, when his personal lessons were assimilated, made him an excellent student of the human psyche.

The very struggles that Jung was undergoing himself, relative to his personal relationships, were stellar examples of the human condition in relation to society. He also allowed himself a long tether creatively, considering the era and society he was a part of.

Another observation was the blatant egotism and want of power by Freud, an originator of the concept!

And even though one may have a great knowledge about the behavior of other human beings, that does not necessarily translate into self-knowledge.  

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