Plugging into the system allows a person who has conformed to stop feeling and thinking. It’s a pass to justify any behavior that is acceptable to the organization, no matter the depravity. Doing the right thing matters not, only what the rules are or what the system dictates. People don’t matter now, people are replaceable, the system and the organizations survival is the only thing that truly matters.  

When people have sacrificed themselves, like any need or addiction, they necessarily must replace that loss with a counterfeit from outside themselves. A job that provides an external construct is a common replacement in a materialistic culture, as it has the appearance of being important and can provide a person with a false sense of security through advancement and financial gain.

Humans long for being a part of something that is bigger than themselves, they long to connect with others and give. Because real connection is all but impossible for most in this era, people compensate for this absence of expression by readily accepting and submitting to the guise of corporate banalities. A flowery unintegrated mission statement, is an acceptable replacement of truth and becomes a new truth as they themselves are missing.

Reason and logic are employed and centered around whatever rules and constructs are given to the conformed. Emotions and feelings are expressly devalued and a dutiful compliance to the policies and procedures are valued above all else. If a person has a “good” work ethic, no matter how awfully they devalue others, they are lauded and promoted. 

It is an “Is this on the test?” mentality, not a truthful caring one. Forms are given deference to people, as is a well reasoned explanation for any decision no matter how horrific and shortsighted. The more detached the employee, the higher their chances of advancement. A skilled separating legalistic wit is preferred over a courageous caring one.

As truth and real intelligence is dispensed with, all have an equal footing, and no matter how bizarre, the most ruthless sycophant can sadly outplay the most caring savant!  Art and the Artist are shunned at all costs, though this expression is the very reason why we exist in the first place! 
Mediocrity is assured!

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