Life, “The Dance of Love”

People’s Souls Require Love, they require the movement of Love in, and they require the movement of love out. It is through this movement of the life giving and life expanding energy of love, like a heart pumping blood through the body to give nutrients and recieve toxins, that restores, heals, strengthens and Inspires our hearts and our souls to grow and persevere by providing us with the inspiring energy to overcome the challenges that the counter force of contraction places upon us to encourage us to grow and become more.

It is through this dynamic movement, moving through to us inside and moving away from us outside that provides the right balance of passion and energy required to grow and expand the love we are all comprised of. 

Social Interactions
Because we appear as separate entities, a fear or a resistance to connecting with others is a primal fear in man. Humans are testing each other out constantly in their commincations and interactions. How do they get their love needs met, how do they give and receive love?

Cause (Inspired by an unmet Need) (2 Conditions are Required to Initiate a Human Interaction)

1.) Whenever 2 or more sentient beings are aware of each other’s existence

2.) When one or more have placed some need(s) onto an other(s) (either a little or a lot).

As a result of placing a need(s) onto an other(s), Psychic energy is required to motivate the individual to engage in an interaction, therefore energy must be allocated to assist the ones(s) in need with procuring their need(s).

To engage in a possibly psychically energetic depleting interaction with an other(s), that may deplete them to the point of overwhelm, a reason, a why, or a purpose that movitates or inspires them must supply them with more energy than what is being psychically employed to keep them from not engaging.

A Motivation (ego requirement) or an Inspiring Purpose (supplied by the Soul): 

The Energy required to initiate an interaction is supplied in 1 of 2 ways and at varying degrees of Intensity; Depending on:

1.) The Importance of the Need to the Individual

2.) The overall Awareness of the individual(s) involved: at high levels of awareness and the ability to maintain ones’ focus, (either by the individual with the need(s), or from whom the need is being sought) one can guide the less aware towards the Love that they seek, thus re-establishing the connection and the flow of love between the individuals.  

If the awareness of the individuals is insufficient to be a guiding force, or if the need is too intense for the aware individual(s) to maintain their focus as they battle the resistance of the others’ Ego, an Ego battle will ensue, and no communication or connection with occur, only further separation, requiring even higher amounts of energy to be expended at subsequent interactions.  

Time or Space, helps to obscure and dissipate the painful energy attached to the need that fuels any unmet emotional needs from being resolved in the egoists view, but time and space do not remove the loving energy attached to the need for the flow of love from the souls point of view, as love cannot die and is infinite.

Effect (Response from Energy build up supplied by the ego or the soul to meet ones’ need(s)) 

The Souls Energy is limitless to the extent that the aware individual can maintain their focus and not allow their ego to overcome them with the fear that fuels it during the interaction, intended to recirculate love.

The perseverence displayed, to continue the fight to channel love, expresses as Courage and Strength and is the result of the Passion that the individual possesses to connect and give and recieve Love, this flows from their creative connection to themselves from their soul.

The Soul, seeking more Love and in an attempt to reconnect to the source of Love that the Soul has given but has not yet received back, to equalize the energy movement.
This Energy is given as an Invitation of openess and Vulnerability 

The Ego’s Energy, is limited and fueled by the fear that is attached to not receiving the love that the individual so longs for.

The Ego engages in interactions employing distracting techniques (pretentions), intended to obscure the other(s) from engaging them and hiding their entrance into their souls.  

The Ego, will employ humor, depression, overly happy joy joy!, playing dumb, being too busy, too smart, too over it (apathy), or employee whatever socially accepted vernacular is employed by their culture, to escape the encounter or gain power over the other. This draws the more romantic souls in and the egoists show their pain by attacking, blaming, shaming, confusing or whatever it deems necessary to keep the other away, while still hoping the other can give them the needs they so desperately need, but lack the courage to release themselves.

The Expansion and Contraction of Our Energetic Universe

Life has limits, and though humans have a wide range of possible expressions, two opposite Poles exert varying degrees of influence on we humans that tend to pull us towards a Romantic Artistic Loving Expanding Expression, or towards a Safe and Secure Rule Based Pretentious Contracting posture that protects the soul from further pain and clumsily attempts to procure love from the environment.

This Polarity Manifests as an Energetic Movement of Energy. 

From the beginning, an Expanding, Growing, Creative, Turbulent, Battling, Raging, Reaching Energy has Interacted with itself.

Expanding (Positive) against Contracting (Negative), Expanding always being made stronger by the challenges of overcoming the inertia of the Negative, and being gifted with the Evolving Growth of more Awareness, Knowledge and more Love.

Like a Fractal, this interplay of Expansion and Contraction Battling, is the unifying theme of all of life and nature, From the Seed of Creation, to the struggle of the Soul and its Honest Expression.

The more oppositely charged two individuals are, The more passion, the more energy, the more fights, the more the attraction Until too much energy divides them or Unites them forever 

The creative longings of the romantic growing Artist type: idealistic, loving, creative, their “what if” soul, seeks to find love to give love and to give and receieve love letting it flow effortlessly as they express their Art.
The longings of the fearful conformed closed-off type. The reasonable, scientific, rational, realistic mind of the ego that attempts to support individual efforts in finding love through competing in the logical rational material world.

The Interplay of Love

All of us express within a set range of possible human expression, individually and as a species. 

Only when needed, will the highly romantic type employ scientific knowledge, rationality and reason of the world in their efforts to give and recieve love and to fulfil their dreams that fuel their Art that they want to express so much. The highly romantic will personally suffer acquiring knowledge of the scientific world and the reason and logic needed to support their efforts to find and give love.

The Hero Archetype is a romantic who is willing to risk his life literally, but usually figuratively, for the sake of the others. He only wants love, though the egoist sees the triumphs or failures of the hero as unreal because success or failure in the external world has never truly helped the egoist, though that is where the ego operates.  

The depleted soul of the egoist is causing them to feel empty when the hero actually wins because their external win, is actually a loss for the soul. The soul wants to be freed from the inside, the outside is only an illusion.

Emotions can be rightly or wrongly interpreted, usually wrongly by the ego, but rightly by the romantic, who can discern emotions if not overwhelmed by them.

The ego uses reason most of the time, and attempts to get its pain relieved from outwitting the romantic, especially when the romantic feels bad or disheartened, thus pulling the romantic into the clutches of the egoist. The Ego is skilled at knowing how to weaken the romantic, and during these times the ego successfully employs guilt, resentments, and reveals pain the romantic has caused it. 

This causes the romantic to release some feelings from their ego, but becuase it is not real love, this causies the egoist to retract, but not usually go for the throat as it realizes it didn’t honestly attempt to give love, it knows it manipulated and cannot recirculate the love it wants.

The more passion the romantic or the egoist has to acquire their needs or live their art, the more scientific knowledge and reason they will acquire to help them in their efforts, in society, to acquire love from others or to truly love them and help themselves and others express their art.

The highly romantic tests for soul connection first, The egocentric tests for walls first.

When the ego feels the artistic passions of the other are taking love away from it, it throws guilt towards the romantic in an attempt to garner that tender passion back towards them.  

This works, but the ego knows it’s not real, and throws arrows towards the romantic to deeper wound them in hopes the romantic will be more real and not placate them.

The romantic will either continue to reason and explain the the egoist, which the egoist will either be offended by as they know no love will be coming their way, possibly elevating the debate as the ego may go for the death of the soul/passion of the romantic.

This inner conflict of love and fear plays on and on, all in an attempt to give and recieve love.

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