True Art Awakening the Child Inside!

This Scene from Prometheus, Beautifully Capturing the “Utlimate Artists Map of the Universe”, created by those very Artists that created us, Inspires the Hidden Creative Imaginative Childhood Curiosity in even the most shut down egoist.  

In this Case a Cyborg that wants to Undermine the most creative of the sojourners on their trip across the galaxy to explore for the sake of their Artists inside!

These Artists that Infused Earth with the seed of their genome, employed Science and Logic, in the service of their most Creative Endeavors, not for the sake of Science itself, but for the sake of Love and Creation!

Another example of the Dance of Love between the Artist and The Egoists:

The Captain a free spirit, who only chose his career to explore and as a means to make money to help others, is a fantastic leader because he is an Artist at everything he does, even if it as reasonable and rational as what an egoist would choose to do and would be resentful that they couldn’t perform the task of Captain as well as he can. He uses his humor and intelligence skillfully and only to soften the hearts through reason that the egoists think they use so slyly.

The Leader of the Trip, Charlize Theron, is a shut down egoist who never got the love and recognition she always yearned for from her Genius Artists father who spent his entire life looking for bigger and better things, eventually building a cyborg which could not give him what was in front of him all along, his daughter.

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