Which Came First The Chicken or the Egg?  

That’s literally a no brainer, the Egg of course!

After energy violently escaped from the infinitely dense expanding “Seed” that first formed our universe, the fabric of space-time was created as a result of the attraction of the energy back to itself.  
Movement gravitating towards Growth and Expansion, through the Polar counter force of Retraction, provides the fuel for the Growth and Expansion of all things.

Matter, unlike pure energy, requires the additional qualitative characteristic of repulsion, and the polarity that comes with it, in order to be made physical and still retain its ability to interact with itself in an expanding and contracting posture, as that is the fundamental Nature of the Universe.

Life, unlike Matter, requires an additional qualitative characteristic of instinct, and the polarity that comes with it, to survive the competitive environment it finds itself in.

Awareness, or the higher ability to intend consciousness, requires an additional qualitative characteristic of choice, and the polarity that comes with it, to help shape and survive its’ environment and continue to grow and expand.

Gravity, or the attraction of mass-energy to itself, is an “Emergent” catalyst that then allows for electromagnetic radiation and Polarity to be made manifest in matter.

Electromagnetism is the function that gravity provides so that the flow of energy through matter and life itself can proceed forward and expand. It negates the entropy that is inherent in lesser energetic systems.

Emergence: Substantail Conglomeration

Emergence, is a process whereby larger entities, patterns, and regularities arise through interactions among smaller or simpler entities that themselves do not exhibit such properties. Gravity is very weak when the mass-energy density is insufficient and only appears to expand in earnest when a threshold of mass-energy density is reached.

Gravity, or the attraction of energy to itself, is dependent on the individual energetic constituents and their density configuration, and cannot exist without it. Gravity becomes its own identity, as it itself is not identical to, predictable from, reducible to and deducible from its base of mass-energy.

Gravity then is the manifestation, or the Emergent Property, of the Emergent System and is in fact a resultant Emergent Synergy (a new manifested property that is more than the sum of its parts) from the conglomeration of mass-energy. 

As more mass-energy conglomerates into a proximate location, Gravity necessarily increases, because the increase in mass-energy density is the “emergent requirement” needed to manifest the expansion of the universe and to build objects and slow Time, to both create the physicality of life and to allow life to experience creation independently through its’ own consious filtering physical apparatus (the Human Brain in our case).


After the first element of matter, Hydrogen was formed, with one proton and one electron, Gravity had manifested its primary directive from the seed from which it was born, providing the building blocks for all of the matter in the universe.

The Strong and Weak Interactions were now set, and the Fusion of the subsequent elements in the bellies of Stars continues to birth more complex building blocks for growth and expansion.
Dark Energy and Dark Matter are both manifestations of Gravity that we do not yet understand. They are both theorized to account for the calculations that do not balance out from our ideas of the characteristics of the Big Bang explosion.

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