I love to dance, I love to laugh, I love to dance whilst trying to make people laugh!

I haven’t much fear, especially when it comes to my own moves on the dance floor!

It ain’t about me, it ain’t about you, it’s about now, the music and being free together!

I may yarn on about Nietzsche, but that don’t mean I’m trying to impress, just sayin!

It’s about connecting, it ain’t about erecting! Let’s go with it, and not fall for the bull shit!

I can dance with the best of em, I just ain’t afraid of others, what they think or their tango!

I like to rock and roll, waltz, crump, freestyle, pop and lock, just don’t ask me to line dance!

My quiver has many arrows, but my dance card ain’t for all, just be real and we’ll have a fuckin ball!

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