Metaliving: My Life’s Work!

We are all stumbling around in the dark missing any accurate rule book for life, but from birth we are all internally equipped with all we will ever need to experience life fully.

Curiosity: We are all born prewired with an intense need to know, as knowledge of ourselves and the world in which we live, provides us a base from which to create our art and to grow as a result of reaching and risking to express our art.

The fundamental nature of our universe, our planet, life, and therefore us!, is to grow, evolve, and to expand our awareness experientially, by choosing to actively engage in the life we’ve been given to live.

The particular circumstances by which we all tend to define ourselves, are not themselves important, only that we actively engage in whatever experiences and challenges we are presented with.

It is our choice to actively engage in life, so that we may grow, evolve, and expand our awareness to experience more love and in ever more profound ways.

Because we are consciously aware of ourselves, we intensely seek meaning, as meaning provides us the fuel that directs the formation of our beliefs, which in total form our worldview or global perspective of ourselves, others and our relation to others and the world.

If we have a strong enough “why”, if we have our emotions attached to a strong enough meaningful reason to expand our growth, then this passion can propel us to create a powerful art that both edifies ourselves and others.

Everything we do is motivated by our internal need to manage our emotions that are attached to our fundamental beliefs, to either minimize that which we consider painful or to maximize what we consider to be pleasant. 

We can only grow in life by actively engaging in it and we can only learn in life through actively living through emotionally charged experiences, both the pleasant and the unpleasant. 

The interplay of expansion and contraction lies at the junction of all or our experiences, and we can either expand our expression or contract it depending on our level of personal awareness, perspective and our willingness to deliberately and vulnerably parse out and integrate the lessons attached to our emotionally charged experiences to our ever focusing worldview.

A strong passion attached to a powerful meaning fuels the artist within to risk and reach to grow, despite any short term painful experiences, as we feel that through the pain and unpleasantness we may be endowed with an even greater knowledge and awareness to continue to grow.

As we learn more and grow more, through actively applying the lessons we’ve learned along the way in our own lives, we now feel the urge to pass along our insights to those who might benefit from the knowledge we have gleaned.

In this way we can lead, through teaching, parenting, coaching, mentoring, or being an example so that we may lift up those around us as we grow and inspire them to lift up others in turn.  

When we feel inspired to give truly, we attempt to reveal others to themselves so that they may too grow and pass on their truth and knowledge, thus fulfilling our part in the continued expansion of all of humanity.

To express to our full potential, we must retain as much of our our internal focus along our journey of growth, and despite our best efforts we humans do project a portion of our focus, in the form of needs, onto our external world.

Because we are social animals, we have a need to both give and receive love, from others. 

When our environment is a harsh one, and the act of giving and receiving love becomes restricted or blocked, we become weakened as our soul requires the flow of love to inspire us within.

To replace this deficiency of loves flowing energy, we must replace it with less potent facsimiles, by whatever means we can.

If we feel that others do not accept us as we are, despite our best efforts to give and receieve love, we can become dependent on what we’ve used to replace love with and along with it deny and hide our essential nature.

This act requires us to replace who we truly are, with a facsimile of who we think we must be, so we can continue to procure our love replacement needs from outside ourselves.

When our culture is composed of a population of people that also express as facsimiles of who they truly are, it reinforces the acceptability of ourselves to continue to express as facsimiles and our culture becomes composed of copies of copies, not the real thing.

How do we reclaim ourselves, when it has become unacceptable to do so? 

That is the question, I intend to answer….

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