Synonyms of Justification

“Selling Out”


“Giving Up”


“Growing Up”

“Being Realistic”

“Being Reasonable”

“Down to Earth”

“Keep Your Feet on the Ground”

All “Synonyms” for acquiescing the dreams and passions of your Artist inside, to the overriding pressures from the outside, and allowing it to assume control of your life.

The passion that once fueled your attempts to keep your Artist alive, now guard the door to your hidden prison cell, and though they are expert guides you no longer have access to their wisdom and creativity.

You’ve sacrificed your ability to discern and know, for a semblance of acceptance from the external and all of it’s superficialities.  

You are now dependent on gathering your motivating energies from outside of yourself, as you’re inspiring energy source sits in chains that you have donned yourself.

The twigs you’ll glean as you toil along your new path, can provide some warmth but often the fuel spent in search of those twigs eclipses the little heat they provide you.

Few “Reasonable” folks ever did anything remarkable in life.  

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