Jung’s Transcendent Function is the mechanism through which he described the emergence of the authentic self transform into an integrated whole person. Much of what is now referred to as “Depth Psychology”, is finding ways for the therapist to punch holes into the unconscious in order to amplify the individuals own ability to integrate their psyche into one expanded consciousness. In this way a rebirth of the self, through the process of Individuation, gifts those who summon the courage to assimilate all aspects of their psyche, with new vision and insight of themselves and the world around them.

Today, as a society we have transformed into a technical quick-fix give me a pill and I’ll be on my way culture, and true internal wholeness has been sacrificed for expediency. The fact that a path to true psychic healing is now termed Depth Psychology is a glaring commentary on our collective mindset, as a more popular “Surface” psychology has been propagated by interests that haven’t our souls best interest in mind.     

All living things seek balance through the biological process of homeostasis, as organisms automatically seek to mitigate imbalances in nutrients and changing environmental conditions while maintaining their vitality. Humans, have a level of sentience that is modulated by emotions and the feelings attached. We possess these emotions for a reason, whether ones belief is they evolved as adaptations to survive in our environment, or that they were created intentionally. 

If we choose to exogenously manipulate levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine (through medicines or other means) in lieu of aligning our fundamental psychic apparatus, we are choosing to veneer over dry rot and sacrifice ouselves for a slightly enhanced ability to cope in our lives.  

Jung spoke of four basic functions that we all employ, to varying degrees, to obtain knowledge and meaning so that we may expand and grow in throughout our life experince not just to merely cope in life, but to thrive towards our greatest individual and collective potential. 

Intuition, counterbalanced by senses, and thinking, counterbalanced by feeling, are functions that are intended to serve us in equal measure, each enhancing the others. The meaning, through knowledge acquisition, that we are fundamentally designed to glean and grow from, is often usurped by an maladapted psyche and manifests as an imbalance and dominance of one of the four functions. 

This energetic psychic interplay is the foundation for the human experience, and only through aligning the four, can we each be fully human and draw the collective forward with us.  

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