Telling a Truth Story

Know your message first and then decide what abstraction/distraction that you’d like to employee to deliver the message.

A continuum exists that one must pay attention to if they hope to connect with their target audience.

Deeper profound truths can be presented in several different ways. They can all be done artistically, but require an artist to tell the story.

Playing it straight: this only works for a serious ideological adherent of a unified group. 

Inspiring and Complicated: (Interstellar) no comedy, but a profound sense of purpose and effort towards that end (heroic). Some growth in the central character, though the jury is still out.

Razor sharp wit, ironic: (The Big Lebowski) very well thought out complex characters that experience the hidden parts of themselves though they haven’t a clue that they are. No growth of characters, though they may think they’ve grown.

Sarcastic over the top characters and actions: (Robocop) entertaining to the masses, but a deliberate underlying message is obvious to the Discerning viewer.

He just wanted his rug back! It tied his room (fantasy) togetheršŸ˜‰

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