“The Dude”

“The Big Lebowski”, The Coen Brothers

The Coen Brothers are geniuses when it comes to understanding human behavior and how to so imaginatively illustrate truth on film in the most ironic and funny way. 

The Dude, a middle aged bathrobe clad, “White-Russian” toting, man who has lost his focus and inspiration somewhere between his THC enhanced hippie college days and the bowling alley that he now so often frequents with his two straggling misguided sycophants (one representing him completely clueless, and the other a witless conglomeration of reason, rules and logic who, lacking any discernment, never seeming to get what he wants).

Having been rejected by the system that he never wanted to be a part of in the first place, he now floats through life never having learned the silly vernacular of the conformed masses, that he once fought (if only to feel right in his cause against a feeling suppression in his youth) to overcome.

The Dude, unbending when it comes to relinquishing his need to feel internally free, settles on bowling as the vehicle to express his inner artist. During one of the thematic elements, that provides us some insights into the inner workings of the Dude, he is transfixed by a monolithic alter of bowling shoes that extends into the heavens. As he stares gloriously into the nirvana that he believes his artistic outlet will provide him, he without noticing takes a pair of shoes from “Sadam”. He sells his self for a facsimile of what his soul truly yearns for, but he’s found that dream place where it matters not.

Every conversation that the Dude enters into, is an attempt by the other through the use of an ideological pedantic monologue, intended to enlighten the Dude though he never seems to understand this, as he’s already checked out of reality to the point where everything is cool man. He seems to have some access to his heart, but no access to his intuition or what is happening around him.  

The Dude is a likable character and doesn’t really seem to want to hurt anybody, though those who seem to follow and idolize him, should probably seek other avenues towards enlightenment.

He just wanted his rug back!  It tied his room (fantasy) togetheršŸ˜‰

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