The Human experience

We are born wired for struggle and set to learn experientially. Human instincts are largely replaced by psychic representations of several universally well known human expressions (personality-types), or Archetypes.

A personality and a psychic construct forms as a result of our emotional experiences and our perceptions of those experiences. 

Our initial expression is largely influenced by the adult(s) in our lives that relate the world to us as our personality and psyche was being constructed.

Milestones: Growth or Stasis

1. We become aware that we are a separate entity.

2. We become aware that others want us to be as they want us to be, not what we want to be.

3. We become reliant upon ourselves and separate from our parents as our physical and psychic caretakers.

4. We are presented with a nearly unsolvable challenge, the hero’s journey, as our persona fractures. We reluctantly agree to accept this challenge, or not.

5. We courageously meet, tame and assimilate our Shadow into an unified whole consciousness.

6. We have Individuated, and can now actualize and transcend but we must also continually fight the external powers that resist our angst to be fully ourselves.

Each archetypal expression possesses a light side and a dark side. The light representing the true self guiding us home, and the dark representing the shadow or repressed denied parts of the self.

Each milestone is represented by various archetypes that lead us forward to our authentic-self or not, depending on our acceptance and successful completion of each step along our path back to ourselves.

If we have stalled at any milestone along our life journey, we stay at that point until we successfully conquer the challenges there, as determined by the true self that guides the archetypes to it. 

For those who have not entered into, or denied the hero’s journey, they must continue to work out their inner turmoils through one or more of the archetypal expressions. 

As most people have not accepted the call of their personal hero’s journey, the banalities of society provide the perfect stage in which to play out their roles. 

We love stories, myths, fairy tales, etc about these very archetypes because they reveal to us the roles that we play and the challenges we face.

The Archetypes are unconscious representations that play out in the outer world. We must wage our battle to recapture our true self on two fronts then, the internal and external.

Intuition then, is the call to the authentic-self.

Reason is employed by the false-self to maintain control of our psyche, fueled by the shadows distaste for the repressed parts of the true-self. 

Society is a composite representation of the various archetypes that predominate any particular era.

Those who have not summoned the courage to enter into their personal hero’s journey, represent themselves with a false-self that is an adapted representation of the milestone they are stuck at.  

Those who are stuck, though they like the idea of the hero in literatue and as represented by their own hero’s and celebrities, cannot accept themselves as a hero and certainly not those in their proximate lives.

Thus those who choose to enter into the hero’s journey, once they reappear on the other side transformed, to their surprise those they fought for tend to shun them.

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