The United States of America: Where Does Its Power Lie?

Not withstanding the atrocities that some of our forbearers so mercilessly poured out onto the indigenous peoples who inhabited a land that was not ours, or upon those poor souls who were stole from their families and homes in West Africa for the sake of profit over human decency, few Nations in history have risen to power along with such a surplus of inspirational currency like the US has. 

A collective “Hero’s Journey” was so bravely fought and paid for with blood, as an oppressed people answered the call to fight for their most basic human freedoms, reluctantly taking up arms against what was then the most powerful nation upon the earth. 

Those who framed the argument to inspire the common man to wage war against such a metaphorical Goliath (Shadow) that was Great Britain, were not all the unwavering venerable founding fathers that we’ve been extolled to believe they were, but by and large those who risked all that they had and all that they were, did so for the most courageous and profound reasons.

Just as we all must individually continually do, so to must a great nation fight to inexorably rid itself of the ever-present slippery tentacles of the antithetical force from which its initial victory was so painfully birthed.  

The guiding light that was so viscerally sensed by those more proximate to that era, and to those who fought and died for the sake of Liberty, cannot continue to burn with a semblance of its luminescence, merely through a nations’ display of power or its marketing prowess. 

As a nation, our reality is now far removed from the days of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and all those who successfully integrated their ideals into a free and tenable union. 

Can we successfully re-engage that ineffable spirit that once forged a solidarity to make manifest an experiment that elevated the souls of so many, or do we keep pretending that we are what we once were, if only for a moment?

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