Adopt or Immerse, that is the Question

We tend to adopt the general assumptions, and consequently similar overall perspectives, that are most commonly accepted by the masses as a givens and truisms, thus saving ourselves from the bother of more profound contemplation.

Psychic energy conservation, much like physical energy conservation, is a natural evolutionary adaptive process inherited from our more animalistic ancestors, as food and other resources within our environment do tend to wax and wane in time and space.

This conserving phenomenon, also supports us in our efforts of focusing our attention on possible physical threats and opportunities within our environment, though human sentience certainly endows us with much more than a keen awareness of where we might procure our next meal or narrowing in on a physically attractive sex object.

Living in a small pond for all of ones life does not provide an enhanced or enlightened perspective of our world, or of human nature or of nature in general, as we are often not even aware of the vast seas and mountain ranges that exist just beyond our own isolated domain.

We learn experientially, emotionally and sensually, so fully engaged perilous journeys tend to give us the biggest bang for our time invested buck when we truly seek knowledge.  

The act of actually doing something, is always the best modality when it comes to learning, though we’ve become quite adapted to sitting in lecture halls and memorizing specific techniques of specific disjointed subjects of how people in the past have solved particular problems.

The ways in which problems get solved by others in the past is very important, as it opens up for us the infinitude of possibilities for our own creativity and imagination to take over, but merely repeating what others have done in the past does not reinforce nor enhance our fundamental human needs for meaning, expressing our creativity and expanding our consciousness.

Perhaps a better way to live would be to adopt a more immersion based posture in life, where we solve problems and create both what we require to physically exist, while also reinforcing our confidence in our own abilities to thrive through our own creativity.

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