“If we are not willing to risk everything we have, perhaps we will never see through the eyes of Love as those who have.”-Gump

It is on the one hand the first and purest task of man to renounce all disruptive influences and to keep building the pyramid of his own existence without discouragement and without hesitation from base to peak ever larger and more complete, 

and yet, under certain circumstances, there is something so mighty and so beautiful in risking this whole existence, in being so captivated by love, that the entire building might collapse into ruins, all renunciation be given up, and the self be entirely delivered over to what is loved.”
-Carl Carus, on Goethe

I love this thought by Carl Carus as he describes the Hero’s Journey that Goethe so valiantly fought, died for and then was so gloriously reborn anew. This is a wonderful poetic description of the victory over the demons that lack lurk within, that Goethe himself tried to paint for us through his Dr. Faust, that Jung described so eloquently throughout his life and that so many other spiritual paths are grounded upon.

“Be in the world, but no of the world”, I recall a profoundly sagacious man from Gallilee professing such a message long before Goethe and Carus. The most profound truths about human nature and this existence, have been repeated with a clarion call by the wisest among us many times, we alone chooe to heed their message. 

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