Artificial Intelligence….Artificial Soul!

I noticed while going through my emails this morning that there’s a new software update that I’m supposed to install in me, that is, if I intend to continue to be known as a good and reasonable employee and citizen.

Reading through the code (of this latest program) I noticed that the legal department has now instructed, that I should refrain from emotionally connecting with any of my clients or coworkers.

They’re allowing me to choose from one of three appropriate scripts, should I find myself or another getting too personal during any form of interpersonal communication.

Instead of attempting to empathize with those that I interact with during the course of my day, I’ve been instructed, in this latest memo, to say “hello how are you, how can I be of assistance?”

I think this is gonna be great!  

No longer must I invest part of myself whilst trying to help others! 

I’m hoping that one day soon I won’t have to think or feel at all when I’m on the job!  

I never really liked the touchy-feely BS part of my job anyway, and now with all of these checklists and scripts I’ve been blessed with from the benevolent powers that be, I can focus on making some real money!

I’ve always been able to outwit those bleeding heart types, Game On!!!

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