Walking, Driving and Flying

Learning to walk, or drive, or fly can all be pretty scary at first.

When we walk we can fall and bruise or injure ourselves.

When we drive we can crash, damage our car, ourselves or others.

When we fly and crash, our chances of survival are pretty darn low.

The first time I flew and landed an airplane it reminded me of a video game flight simulator, though my risk of failure was a tad higher than a slightly bruised ego and pressing restart.

Scott Peck, in his book “The Road Less Traveled” humorously quipped, that the nature of humans is to crap their pants.  

Our natural tendency, emanating from our energy-conserving safety-centered animalistic heritage, is to hold back or disengage when confronted with new or fear inducing challenges.

I suppose we could all just take the bus and let someone else do the driving for us in life, whilst concerning ourselves with the interesting placards stuck to every available surface that are intended to keep us nice and safe, but I can tell you from experience that the view from the cockpit that only you are responsible for landing safely, is breathtaking!

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