Other then major life events like the death of a parent as a child, or losing everything and finding out that your primary relationships were frauds, the transition into adulthood (or even the appearance of it, as most people never assume true responsibility in life) is the most difficult (milestone) time in a persons life.

The most important thing a parent can do, is to show their child that they are willing to put themselves aside and support them at any level of emotional depth that the child requires them to, in other words to love them. 
Because this requires a large measure of vulnerability, honesty and strength on the part of the parent (and because they too most likely failed in their own “Self-Sacrifice”, as Jung termed it), these terrified kids now called “adults”, are left in the wild all alone and psychically exposed.

The vast majority of kids, not possessing the skill set, strength or mental construct to brave this new world alone, reluctantly acquiesce their dream of living as they truly are, and as their parents did before them, they conform choosing a “normal existence” over an extraordinary one.

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