The Effects of Lying

Lying occurs when an individual is aware of two definitions of a situation or reality, and chooses to act upon the reality that best serves themself, denying the existence or validity of other realities. When the liar does not emotionally compensate the other for their breach, extreme internal psychic imbalances can manifest, in both the liar and the one who was lied to. Depending on the emotional significance of the breach in trust, in either the liar or the one who was deceived, an individuals internal reality can become severely disrupted.

In individuals who commonly employ lying in the course of their everyday social interactions, their internal reality has most often already adapted towards that of the culture they are a part of. For those who rarely lie, the experience of being lied to can be very discordant to their sensibilities and provoke either the need to psychically assimilate the experience truthfully or cause them to comform their reality in favor of the common reality of their group.

3 thoughts on “The Effects of Lying”

    1. It’s fun to build up the whole Santa Claus thing, but kids must face enough disappointing moments between running free in the moment exploring the world as when they are very young and being slapped with the reality that they must plug into a system when they turn 18.

      My thought is go with the flow with kids, but answer their questions honestly regardless of how it conflicts with societal norms.

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