Heralds (Guides of human spirits and souls from birth to death) 

Represent the actualized ideal Authentic-Self who wants to connect with other Souls and actualize all of humanity.

Hermes: son of Zeus is the messenger between the gods and gods and men.
He is an intercessor between mortals and the divine, he is quick and cunning, he moves freely between the mortal and divine worlds (conscious and unconscious), and he outwits both the gods and man for the sake of mankind, and guides souls from birth and forward into the afterlife.

The Greek gods represent our unbridled passion or emotions, Hermes is the interpreter of these gods, or our guide in life. 

Through his interventions with man he attempts to inspire us to employ our intution and intellect to rightly interpret the guidance that our emotions provide us. His trickster nature engages our intellect and spirit through humor and irony, and ultimately provides us insight and wisdom through our intuition.

He is the Inventor of Language and Speech, a liar, a thief, and a trickster. 

Language helps us to communicate meaning, but only when we correctly interpret our emotions and our attached intuited insights in an honest and artful way, never through reason which keeps us bound to the ground, Hermes flys.

He is the protector and patron of herdsmen, thieves, oratory and wit, literature and poetry, athletics and sports, invention and trade, roads, boundaries and travellers. 

He inspires man through mans many endeavors, insuring that the full range of experience (what we consider good and bad, joyful and painful) is present for us to learn and grow from. He guides us through the boundaries that limit us and then through the transitions that take us higher to our expression of life.

One of his symbols is the Herma 

Initially a pile of stones placed at boundaries of lands where sojourners pay homage to by placing a stone onto or anointing it with oil.

His main symbol is the Greek kerykeion which consists of two snakes wrapped around a winged staff.
The snakes represent him intervening between the histrionic emotions of the unfocused gods (unrestrained emotions and passions) and the fearful animalistic nature of egoistic man, in a wise but trickster-like way. The snakes in a helix, envelop a Kerukeion, or a heralds staff. The winged staff is endowed with the full realized potential of the Self and all of humanity.

The helix, is the perfect symbol for the human experience. Like the shape of the very DNA that codes for our physical expression, the helix when viewed from one vantage appears as a circle, but when viewed from the right angle is a helix moving around a center but always moving higher and higher.


Iris is the young female representation of a herald like Hermes, as she too links the Gods with humanity. She also caries a Kerukeion and is represented by the rainbow with wings on her shoulders. She is associated with communication, messages and new endeavors. 

Human Heralds: (Prophets)

Those few of us who correctly intuit the messenges lying all around us, through our art can too leave clues that inspire and elevate humanity. Goethe, was the quintessential example in modern times, as through his insights, wisdom and artistic prowess, he provided clues for the endeavors of the the intuitive artists who could interpret what he left for them. 

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