Our Role is Cast

Every expression is the result of the interplay between light and dark.

Light is the simplest, purest and most integrated being that we know, confronting it is the darkness.

Light and dark resist the expression of their opposite, as they are polarities relative to one another; north and south poles, yin and yang, positive and negative (absent judgement) they counterbalance one another.

This resistance results in a spectrum of abstractions, or colors, that are made manifest through the lenses of the entities who perceives the light/dark interplay.

Both our common shared human nature, and our individual specific expression, influence the spectrum of colors that we percieve and add to the complexity of our perception and our consequent interpretation of our experiences of the interplay between dark and light.

The breadth of the spectrum (what we can see), is a function of the clarity and the accuracy of the prismatic lenses through which we each channel the interplay of light and dark.

As a result of our specific experiences, relative to our own interpretation of how acceptable we believe we express compared to others, our percieved role in life is cast for us.

We retain our own power to consciously and accurately intend our focus, (to correctly choose), in those areas of our life where we allow the interplay of dark and light to express without willfully interfering with it.

In those areas where we have attained a certain level of clarity, we can discern truth through the purety and beauty of the innocent interplay we are shown between dark and light.

The energy that we internalize, as a result of allowing dark and light to interact with little restriction, inspires, or energizes us to expand our awareness and to seek out more truth through the ever increasing manifestations of beauty that is revealed to us. 

Trying on our Role

Once our role is cast, we set about trying to play it as best we can, as we hope and believe this is the correct vehicle for procuring the meaning, validation and needs that we value as defined by our role, relative to the environment we find ourselves in.

We our often unsure or insecure about playing our first role, as our expression is only roughly defined, and it is new to us to play such a specific and restrictive role.  We resist initially, but we come to practice our new role enough, and we eventually come to accept our ability well enough to accept the expressions of others as being valid within a relatively narrow spectrum of other expressions.

The most disparate acceptable role that one can accept as valid, is its’ polar opposite or the darkest (or brightest) counter expression that relative ones own, one can agree to interact with. 

One feels comfortable enough to expend the energy to interact with their polar opposite, when they must, as they need their counter expression in order to validate their own expression as being acceptable, and also to use it as an example of what colors they are not fully aware of, so that they may expand their spectrum of visible colors, and grow as a result of that expansion, when they are confident enough in their own role to invest their energy towards that end.

During the interactions of polar opposites, the extreme expressions playfully banter back and forth, testing the strength of their own expression at playing their role relative to that that of their opposite. This can be seen as an exchange of minor insults or sarcasms, but it is really a friendly interaction, intended to explore the others conviction of their role, eventually culminating in either the expansion of the expressions of ones own role, or the solidification and the validation of ones role.

A PowerPlay ensues during these engaged interactions, usually one on one, where the polar expressions will offer up snide well-reasoned quips intended to provoke the other. This is a playful event, intended to feel out the range of the others acceptance of the two polarities, and continues as long as the others responses are acceptable to each. 

If either polar expression eclipses the acceptable range that the other finds acceptable, the other will disengage, or expand their own spectrum depending on the depth of the emotion applied in the one who feels the barb or realization sufficiently enough to grow or contract.

The net effect of this interaction is either an expansion (a growth of ones viewable spectrum) or a contraction (a narrowing view of ones spectrum).

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