Integrated Learning: It’s about the Fundmentals 

If we know the most fundamental principles of existence then applying them to any subject is simple and can both accelerate our learning and aid us in the integration and accessibility of our entire expanding knowledge base.

We must first know what is most fundamental about our reality. 

If we do not trust in our own ability to learn effectively, these ideas may seem silly and even unknowable as ones experience has surely taught them.

What is fundamental: if we remove a fundamental aspect of existence, we can no longer exist.

Energy– everything that exists is a manifestation of the energy that birthed our universe, no energy, no nothing.

Space-Time– space and time are required for us to both exist and to experience life in a linear fashion, as our brains require it to perceive.

Consciousness– if we did not possess consciousness, we would not be aware of or be able to personally interpret our own experiences.

Expansion/Contraction-the polar nature of all things, provides the tension (motivation) for things to act. Nothing exists that does not have an opposite.

Gravity– without gravity nothing would move or interact. Gravity is as simple as understanding that the more stuff that is located in any one spot, the more other stuff notices it and wants to interact with it. Truly Gravity is an emergent phenomena of energy accumulation, but without it, we could not exist.

Gravity is the spark that provides the fuel for objects in our universe to move and function as they do. When some objects interact with each another, light (electromagnetic radiation) can be produced as a result of some of those interactions. The heat from such phenomena fuels life.

Umm..that’s all I can think of. 

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