Normal Human Cognitive Maturation and Individuation

Normal Human Cognitive Maturation 


Achieving individuation: The Hero’s Journey

Moving beyond the the 4th Stage of Natural Human Cognitive Maturation, or the Formal Operational stage, requires the achievement of what Carl Jung termed, Individuation. 

In his many years of study and clinical practice, Jung discerned that humans are not merely shaped by past events but strive for personal growth and development and psychic balance as that is our Nature. 

Ones Pre-Individuation False-Self (persona) is determined by what one percieves they have expressed in their life in the past and by the person they hope to become. 

Jung’s theory is based on the assumption that humans tend to move toward the fulfillment or realization of all their capabilities, as that confirms the nature of all life.

Achieving Individuation, or a fully harmonious and integrated personality, is the primary goal of all human cognitive maturation.

One must summon the courage necessary to answer the call of their own particular Hero’s Journey, and assume the majority interest and subsequent control of their unconscious (Shadow: denied parts of self) realms.

Only after we have most of our psyche accepted and integrated into our conscious awareness, can we enter into the 5th stage of human cognitive maturation (Post-Formal Operations), and beyond through Self-Actualization and Transcendence.  

One can not complete this harrowing task under the tutelage or guidance of another, this achievement can only be completed alone.

We must first integrate both our constructive and destructive (Expanding and Contracting) forces that, like in all areas of life, most definitely exist in the human psyche.

In the darkest recesses of our unconscious our daunting Shadow Lurks, guarding our Authentic Creative Intuitive Self, whose existence we’ve been denying since we first sought acceptance from others. 

Nothing scares we humans more that the prospect of being found out we are pretending, but our Shadow tends to disgust us even more. Though we may be frightened to near death when we are called to brave this most perilous of journeys, when we emerge as our true creative Intutive wonderful selves!

Individuation is an act of vulnerability, faith, courage and risk! We meet and befriend what we thought were demons, but are truly only frightened children that we abandoned along our journey. 

They may be from what we consider the “Darkside”, but they possess much of our strength, ️Creativity, imagination and once integrated so much confidence!

Once we’ve assumed the majority stakeholder position of our own psyche (51%), we usurp the power that our false-self and Superego (our social conditioning, societal norms and need to be accepted as good in the eyes of others).  

The power we feel when this realization hits us cn be staggering, and I know I wanted to sing from the highest rooftop I could find, but that tends to be off-putting and we must invest that fuel into our journey of Self-Actualizing.

One of the most challenging aspects to Shadow battling, is locating a consistent and patent doorway into the unconscious. Psychologists have traditionally employed several techniques such as dream interpretation, word association, ink blot analyisis, hypnosis, and active imagination among others.

Before one has made significant strides through the Individuation process, they may complain that they are not naturally creative, and may resist creative endeavors as they’ve associated negative feelings with some perceived failure(s) in the past. 

In this case, a good place to start is journaling and/or creative writing, if no other creative outlet is known or has been elucidated. With an open and vulnerable posture, we can begin to see the outlines of our hidden shadowy figures through writing.

Other creativity techniques, have similar effects, and can vary depending on the individual. The aim is to consistently draw out our unconscious content of the right brains hemisphere, as we in the process discharge the energetic barrier that prevents us access to and integration of our denied psychic contents

After we have successfully assumed our own psychic control we begin the lifelong journey of Actualizing our Self, as we now are rightly guided by our Authentic-Self and the energies that are liberated as a result of that effort.

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