Monochromatic Living

Conformity has its advantages, ignorance is bliss as you’ve just gifted yourself with a lifetime pass of hitting the snooze button, and if you stick with it eventually no one expects anything from you.

By not reaching or putting yourself out there, or denying the existence of your abilities, you cannot grow as you’ve checked out of the growth game!

When you choose to shrug, you must assume weaker beliefs that support your newly acquired regression, or you’ll loose all of your motivation due to an extremely polarized psyche.

You either shut it down, or you lose your marbles, though losing your marbles is preferable as it is one way to enter into the hero’s journey and free yourself! But people who lose their marbles are not accepted at a very high level in the conformity club, it’s all pretending there.

Instead of believing in yourself and others like you once did, things become more realistic, simple and clearcut to you. 

People are endowed with things that you are not, genetics becomes more important than determination, heart and the human will.

New deeper ideas, knowledge acquisition and concepts become arduous and simple abstractions, sans the multisyllabic words, are your new “norm”.

Your ability to understand and deliver irony and subtle humor vanishes, replaced by banal cliches that now seem funny to you.

Empathy is replaced by tit for tat weak inductive reasoning, as rules are regurgitated, laws paraphrased and authorities on speed dial to save you the exhaustion from thinking.

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