Run Forrest Run!

Watching my favorite movie last night, Forrest Gump, I noticed a scene where Jenny was singing a song on stage and unbeknownst to her Forrest was in the crowd listening.

Not long before she had told Forrest that she wanted to be a singer, like Joan Baez, so that she could connect with people on a personal level.

Forrest loved Jenny unconditionally, Jenny just didn’t love Jenny.

When some men started groping Jenny (as she was singing at a strip club), Forrest as per usual saves her, she then projected her anger onto the innocent Forrest as per usual.  

The moment she is free from Forrest, like a child, Jenny literally jumps into the first truck she can find with a person she doesn’t know from Adam. She, as per usual, wants to be anything and anywhere but where she is and who she is.

Forrest, though “not a smart man”, always seemed to do the right thing as he never tried to be anything that he wasn’t. 

Makes yah think, Forrest didn’t know much but he “knew what love was”.

*If a “wise” person were to have witnessed Forrest carrying Jenny out of the strip club, they would’ve surely thrown him in jail and consoled poor Jenny. Perhaps they would’ve recommended counseling for her after she was so violently assaulted by a moron, as is so obvious to any sensible adult?

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