The Need to Be Right!

Watching “Dragons Den” yesterday with my son, I realized that reality TV shows like this are the quintessential example of how the children (in adults bodies) would rather die than to accept any other reality other than their own. 

A stream of people, who apparently are willing to risk failure in front of the world and a panel of “experts”, upon hearing that their ideas are terrible, instead of heeding sound advise, proceed to argue and set the experts right!

What’s truly going on, behind the scenes of these over-produced sensationalized programs, is that people want to be validated, they want to be told that THEY (not necessarily their ideas) are worth something.

Because they’ve invested so much time and money (what materialists value above truth), they are willing to (yet again in their lives) ignore reality and wisdom in exchange for the lie that they believe defines their role in life.

They guess, they hope, but the last thing that they want to know….is the truth!

Maturity is not needing to be right, to the exclusion of others, maturity is wanting to do right and helping others along the way, regardless of the short term inconvience of the bother of needing to modify ones blindspots. 

It’s cute when my 4 year old practices her reasoning with me, but she’s got a ways to go before she’ll be ready to test that logic out with whatever role she dons in life.

*(BTW, I think the producers want us to think that the experts are scary, I’m not sure though.)

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