Job: Playing it Safe, is The Most Dangerous Thing!

The oldest book in the bible is Job. It was written first because it reveals to us a key that we must possess before we can advance to any deeper knowledge about life, love and existence.

Job was a very prosperous and righteous man according to all counts. However he did not know what he had truly, as he like most of us, only understood life at the periphery. 

Capable people can be successful by these standards with only a minor effort, to lose all that think you have gained, the real hero’s journey, is the only way we can possibly understand the trials of Job and who we are truly down deep.

It matters not how one “failed”, those who judge those who are down are much farther away from having the courage to accept the trials that they too must face to awake, and know.

So it is for all of us, until we risk and lose our worldy gains and summon the will and courage to see rightly, we can only imagine and we continue to play as if we know.

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