Shadow Construction

“Like the Director of a Play, “The Shadow” directs the role(s) in which we play. Anytime we express something that is not affirming of ourself, it’s our Shadow talking, as our shadow denies the self.
The authentic self requires a long tether in which to express, the shadow prefers to restrict and constrict our expression.
Awareness is Knowing who’s expressing, us or our Shadow usurper, and having access to all parts of ourself to wield at our own choosing!”

Shadow Building 

Emotionally Charged Experiences ➡️ Psychic Tension (Imbalance/Polarity) ➡️ Action

*This is the mechanism of how our beliefs, reality, worldview and the lens through which we interpret future experiences are formed.

*The more emotionally intense (charged) an experience, the more indelibly it becomes indelibly cast into our psyche and belief system.

*To modify or amend a belief (system), a more emotionally charged experience is required.

*Our personalities, psychic constructs and realities become initially set in our formative years.

*Future emotionally charged experiences, that threaten our realties, can lead to the expansion of our awareness (Growth), or the contraction of our awareness (Walling off).

*Later in childhood and adolescence, our expression either feels acceptable or nonacceptable to us through our perceived experiences relative to our own realities.

*If we feel we are acceptable for our true expression, 

we will tend towards a more Aware (Growth) oriented posture in life. 

*If we feel we are unacceptable, we will assume a role that is acceptable to others that are important to us, Unaware (Walling off of Self).

*We all Repress emotionally charged experiences that are too discordant for us to emotionally understand and process ➡️ Unconscious Contents or the Shadow (Denied Parts of self)

Awareness, Unawareness, Emotionally Charged Experiences and our Behavior:

Awareness: the tendency to expand ones worldview ➡️ Expansion of Expression

Unawareness: the tendency to wall of ones worldview ➡️ Contraction of Expression

Expansion of Expression ➡️ Mediated by our Authentic-Self
Contraction of Expansion ➡️ Mediated by our Shadow (denied parts of our self)

Unfortunately our Culture is decidely a Shadow Supporting one, making it very challenging for those already under its grip to free themselves.

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