Helical vs Cyclical Growth: Active vs Passive Life Experience

Autopilot: from the left to the right, then together and upwards.
When viewed from different perspectives, what is circular to one mind, is helical to another

Passive Living➡️Circular Experience

Prior to the active engagement of right and left hemispherical brain integration, the normative experience in our current culture, is to experience ebbs and flows or circular beginnings and endings of life within a narrow band of linear movement.  

Things are good, then they are less good, then things are good. ♻️

We’d prefer good, but given enough time, if we’re lucky things will eventually come back around.

When we adopt a passive posture towards our own emotional-intellectual growth and development and merely assume the beliefs we are told or given, the dominant left mind employs unconscious energy conserving looped circuitry that automatically makes decisions for us saving us energetic expense and possible frustration.

Symmetrically Asymmetrical Hemispheres

Our two brains are symmetrical mirror images of one another, when viewed superficially, and the contralateral hemispheres mirror each other’s functions (though they process information much differently). 

This is known as Bicameralism, or two cameras, one on each side each backing up the other.

Prior to the natural developmental process of hemispherical brain integration as we mature emotionally and intellectually, we initially expend larger amounts of energy do to our active conscious experiences that our intended to meld our brain into one functional processor, bringing our minds rhythms into a homeostatic harmonic oscillation requiring less psychic energy consumption, but much higher output.

Active Living➡️Helical Experience

As a result of the deliberate and continual action of active learning and knowledge accumulation, we can experience right and left hemispherical brain integration, and can eventually achieve a stage of emotional-intellectual-perceptual integration.

This phenomenon occurs at the higher stages of active brain development, and is known as Mature Intuition, or Metaversion.  

Similar to the left minds formation of unconscious automatic loops, the right/left melded mind forms subconscious automatic Intuitive sub-cognitive connections, that allow a Metavert to Know with Certainty, without expending the conscious effort of thinking.

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