Our Energy Anatomy

Our Energy Anatomy

The Executive: our Neocortex gifts us with an awareness of ourselves and the world around us. With this gift we can tune into consciousness which is a fundamental property of the universe. When we naturally align our own awareness with consciousness, we can flow and effectively receive and transmit a positive loving energy. This Discerning awareness allows us to be guided towards truth through the recognition of beauty in the world, and allows us to enjoy and contribute our true creative purpose to the world. We are guided towards meaning and the knowledge that promotes our psycho-spiritual health and growth, by our Guiding Brain below, and made aware by the fundamental consciousness.

The Guide: our Limbic System, or Mammalian Brain, is the center of our emotions and processes experiences and assigns them meaning, by attaching emotions to context, so that we can increase the depth and profundity of our experiences going forward. It is the bridge between our higher cognitive neocortex and our lower unconscious reptilian brain, or our motor. 

The Motor: our Reptilian Brain keeps us alive automatically, by sensing and adjusting our physical body processes. It is not conscious, can not think, and only reacts with no emotion or higher thought to stimuli that enter into its ability to sense. It motivates us to act when it is out of balance and conditions are beyond its ability to manage automatically. When it is hungry it seeks out food, when it is thirsty it seeks out drink, when it is tired it wants to sleep, when it is horny it seeks out sex, when it is does not get what it wants it reacts violently, when it gets what it wants it is quite.

These three levels of our command center, or our brain, are us! When we deny that this is true, it is to our own peril. If for instance, I did not believe this were so, I might attempt to assert a control over my self by issuing an executive order from the Executive branch. These orders would be followed through as the chain of command is always followed, however if the needs of the motor are not tended to, the energy it sent with its request for need fulfillment does not dissipate until it is satiated. 

Perhaps the Executive still wants to deny the existence of all of the brains essential architecture and chooses to rely on information from outside itself to determine how it behaves. That is allowable, as the Executive rules, however when the Executive denies the existence of what it truly is, it will eventually foster a mutiny of the the ship it has mistakenly steered off course. As the Executive continues to suppress the urgent messages that are piling up on its desk from the Guide, the Motor keep running and to keep from overheating, the heat of the Motor gets repressed into the recesses of memory and other unknown and denied places.

The Executive now steers the ship as it thinks it should, not as it should. The longer it denies what is true, the more damage it causes its Motor, and the less likely it will ever perform an overhaul.  The worse the Motor operates, the harder the Executive works to find a fix outside of itself, and the farther away the Executive strays from the correct mechanic.
Flow, is allowing us to be us! We do not run on orders from outside of ourselves, we run as we were intended to.

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