Ninny and Brooklyn

Ninny and Brooklyn were twin sisters, born on the same day, from the same mommy and daddy, they only looked different and had different names.

Before Ninny and Brooklyn were even aware of it, their mommy and daddy went there separate ways, as a storm had caused their mommy and daddy to see the world in completely opposite ways.

Ninny went with her daddy and Brooklyn stayed at home with her mommy.  

Ninny and Brooklyn didnt meet each other again until they had both grown old enough to see.

Ninny knew Brooklyn immediately and with a huge smile and her arms wide open ran to hug and greet her twin sister. 

Brooklyn a bit frightened, nervously looked up at her mommy and asked, “who is that girl running towards me mommy?”

Her mommy said, with some reservation in her voice, I think it’s Ninny?

Ninny was overcome with emotion and hugged little Brooklyn so hard, that she nearly turned blue! 

“I missed you so much sissy! I can’t wait to tell you all the things I’ve learned, and I can’t wait to know all about your adventures!”

Brooklyn, a bit overwhelmed, took a few steps back gathering herself while checking her makeup in her compact mirror, replied, 

“I’m glad to meet you Ninny, my mommy has told me so much about you.”

Ninny, now laughing, “Oh yeah right Brooklyn, we shared the same womb, like you’ve only just heard about me!” Hahaha

Brooklyn, not following Ninnys reasoning or understanding her laughter, was taken aback and looked to her mommy for guidance.

“Brooklyn, Ninny is your sister, your twin like I’ve told you before. She is a bit confused now, it must be quite a shock for her to meet you too.”

Ninny, now realizing that they were both not joking, felt her heart crumble and the little girl who had just been laughing with joy, dropped to the ground as her daddy lifted her up into his arms and took her away.

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