Nobody’s Perfect!

There exists a broad range of ability amongst we humans, and thankfully so. Those who are comfortable believing that we are all pretty much the same, when it comes to our varying endowments, have no doubt swallowed the blue pill. The funny thing is, those who say they believe that we are all the same, are also the first ones to notice those who are taller, faster, prettier, richer, smarter, slower, dumber, poorer and shorter, and strive to accentuate what they’ve been given, though not what they’ve earned. 

These folks are the same people who envy and pity others, but only on a superficial level.

We are all humans and share the same human condition, no matter the gifts we have or have not been given. What truly only matters is what we do with our gifts, and that we are aware enough to notice and benefit from the gifts in others. We either hold ourselves and others able, or we hold ourselves and others not able. 

Denying the gifts in others, is an obvious projection of the unworthiness one tries to hide so desperately in themselves. 

This used to perplex me for the longest time. 

Why does this wonderful person view themselves as so incapable, and why do they question me in my attempts to express myself to the best of my ability? 

Guilt and shame are the byproducts of our conditioning, and the common misconception that we humans are flawed from the outset. No we aren’t perfect (that is a spell that must be professed, lest I appear as a narcissist), but not being perfect is kinda the necessary precondition for experiencing growth and meaning in our lives. The requirement that we all must parrot our collective imperfection with a dutiful regularity, is itself one of the very phenomena that keeps our shame and lack ofcourage to  express as we truly our held in check.

Until we can appreciate, accept and love ourselves, we can only appreciate what we approve of in others.

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