Human Growth and Potential

About 95% of people are right handed, and about 95% of people are left brain dominant. This is not because people are born right or left handed, but rather most people get stuck at an immature level of Intellectual-Emotional Development, in our era and culture.

Human development is predicated upon clearing up the chaos in our brains, freeing the self from the shadow and the chatter of the conforming Superego, integrating the brain horizontally and vertically, and feeding our brain the knowledge it requires to develop a clear integrated long term memory for encoding and retrieval. We can increase our intelligence, no matter what our age, first through our Crystallized Intelligence, then our Fluid Intelligence.


The Average Composite Human:

Externally Focused Ego-Based Consciousness, conformed, outer-directed, field-dependent, weak sense of self-Identity (weak Ego Strength), extroverted, easily Frustratable, Bicameral (poorly integrated brain hemispheres), employs inductive logic, employs psychic energy to support pretensions of the false-self, bad memory, poor knowledge-base, need to be right, employs confirmation bias to support their beliefs or relies on rules or authorities to determine truth, cognitively inflexible, immature problem solver (requires emotion neutral, distraction free environment solve domain specific problems, lacking empathy, and are motivated avoid pain and gratify pleasures. They don’t know they’re playing a role.

We are all born with everything we require to be everything we could ever be. We are educated out of our potential, and by and large we don’t know any better.  

The keys to developing ourselves intellectually, emotionally, perceptually and to live and love and experience as we were intended, one must develop the following in order to be prepared mentally and emotionally to enter into and complete the process of Individuation (Ego integration, by assimilating most of our unconscious shadow repressions). This allows our psyche to be directed by us, not the chatter of our conforming Superego. 

We need to possess enough ego strength and confidence to become internally directed and motivated to face the fears that lurk inside of us.

Ego-Identity Strength: we must validate our own abilities, by overcoming and besting challenges that we did not fully believe we could, as they are presented to us. We need to prove to ourselves, and at first receive recognition, in addition to our internal validation. This leads to self-confidence, a sense of ability and power, and increases our belief in ourselves. This leads us to field independence where we become intrinsically motivated.

Build an adequate Knowldege-Base: our long term memory and our sense of Identity are inextricably linked. With poor a memory or anemic knowledge-base, we cannot offer our right brain and our Fluid Intelligence enough to work with, when they are freed up and need to integrate our existing Crystallized Intelligence (knowledge-base, experience, practical skills, social and verbal skills). A strong memory and knowledge-base, provide us a strong sense of identity, ego-strength and the corresponding confidence and Internally directed field independent courage we will require to go forward in our development.

Field Independence: we are intrinsically motivated and able to stand firmly on our own. We have access to both out left and right hemispheres, as they will become integrated, along with our three vertical Brain components (reptilian, Limbic and neocortex) if we complete our development. We have equal access to our semantic (left brain meaning) long term memory and our episodic (right brain biographical emotional) long term memory.

Individuation: once we re-assimilate the majority of our repressed unconscious shadow components, we are in control of our emotions and have access to surpluses of psychic energy as our neural architecture streamlines and our shadow lessens its projecting defenses, and the superego quiets actually moving from the right parietal lobe to the frontal lobes.



The Path of Develpoment: after Psychic Integration

Our Goal is to build our knowledge-base and continue psychic integration and then to integrate our right and left brain hemispheres, as we progress through the levels of development. After we complete, what Jean Piaget called post-formal operations, our hemispheres are aligned, as well as our internal evolutionary brains (reptile, mammal and human).

Metacognition and MetaIntelligence, occur along the way, and our entire brain transforms into a highly functioning parallel processor. As our brain integrates structurally, the speed of neural transmission increases, and a smooth flow of neural impulses allows for intuitive processes to help us advance developmentally. 

Successful cognitive, motor, and sensory development leads to a structural maturation of individual brain regions and an integration of information across many spatially segragated brain regions.  
The primary signaling system for the brain, or the first program is reptilian and sensori-motor, and controls our energetic responses and feelings (common to all animals). When our brain nears the completion of total integration, our executive neocortex, assumes control of this powerful neural energy system, allowing us much energy available for Intuiton and self-control in our lives.

After we complete this level of Development, we enter the Mature Intuition Stage, where the Metavert State is acheieved. A Metavert, is both extraverted and introverted, depending on ones requirements. They control their expression at all times consciously and are aware of every role they don, why they don it and can switch into other roles or levels of conscious awareness at will. They have no boundaries and continually expand their paradigms and previous limitations.

They operate at a very high harmonic frequency and speed of thought. It is post-verbal Intuitive and they just know, with a certainty without the conscious effort of thinking, as their intuition now operates under their conscious thoughts in place of where habitual Schema patterns may have once unconsciously ran them ragged. This is considered the highest cognitive state and is a meta-MetaIntelligence. Their intellectual and Emotional development have merged when they near completion of conscious/shadow integration.

As they have access to their preconscious thought stream and the subconscious below it, the cerebellum (reptilian brain) which is the fastest part of the brain by far, operates an united perceptual, emotional and intellectual intuitive thought stream.

Ones awareness at this stage is an, “Awareness of Being”, and their focus is, a “Focus of Being”. They possess full access to most psychic components and operate a fully parallel brain architecture, and can intend their laser tuned focus where they want when they want.


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