Developing a Domain General Expression

Integration of our Neural and Psychic Structures  
Integration of our psyche (conscious and unconscious), frees up the energy that is used to support the role(s) that we think are real and that we must play in our life. 

This liberates the Superego, the creative and wise denied parts of ourselves, and assimilates the unconscious Shadow into our overall conscious awareness.

Integration of our brain structures (reptilian, limbic, and higher human brain) horizontally and vertically (right and left hemispheres). 

This frees up energy that is normally used by our false-self and Superego to deride, instead of love and accept ourselves, and to calm our internal confusion caused as a result of our asymmetrical neural processing (Bicameralism). 

This streamlines our brain circuitry, removes confusion and allows us access to both the data and our intuitive synthesizing powers. Our speed of thought and Intuiton increases dramatically.

The Transference of our internal psychic energetic motivation drive, from our reptilian brain into our human neocortex. This provides us with an abudance of intentionally focusable internal energy.

The Neuroplasticity of our brain is amazing, and when we are free from the blocks of confusing preconscious messages, assymetrical hemispheres, the internal battle of the shadow, the superego, the false-selfs and our three brains arguing and not understanding one another, we have boundless energy reserves to choose our expression consciously and even unconsciously and intuitively to serve us.

During our growth and development, we can stall or go off course, as a result of highly charged emotional events that still have not been clarified psychically. In that case, we lose some measure of internal confidence (ego-strength) and can appear as Manic, as we have lots of energy now but have lost our focus. We tend to regain our focus much faster than before integration after such events, and discordant events our the fuel that when understood and assimilated take us to even higher levels of growth and development.

When all of our psychic and neural structures have been integrated and clarified, we possess an entire parallel processing super human brain. Strength and courage is required to develop ourselves, in these ways and an intrinsic motivation and strong ego identity is mandatory.

In the end our primitive brain (the cerebellum) which is our fastest neuro-processor by far, instead of automatically running our left brains habitual thought and behavior patterns, transforms into running an integrated cognitive, emotional and perceptual unconscious intution process that allows us to function at meta-meta Intelligent levels.

The goal of K-12 education is to prepare us for higher education, where we can develop our critical and creative thinking apparatus. We should enter our post K-12 education with our left and right brains fully functional, and prepared for integration and clarification. Unfortunately the vast majority become stuck with their left brain controlling their life and experiences. 

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