Domain Specific Expression

Left Brain Dominant


Thought Language (Internal Monologue) a Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual or Verbal Perception modality for ones thought stream. 

Preconscious language (thought stream): is confusing and these individuals cannot access the meaning or control the onslaught of unconscious and subconscious messages in their thought stream. They become fixated on one particular thought language that allows them the most relief from internal confusion (arrests development)

Chaotic Brain Wiring: from messy unintegrated hemispherical neural architecture (bicameral: the right and left brain hemispheres both store information, but they store it differently and they have little or no access to their episodic long term memory). The right brain stores memories biographically, sensually and with emotionally rich context, The left brain stores information semantically, the meaning without the rich context of the right brain, both are required for accurate discernment.

Polarized Psyche: After ones psychic adaptation (personality) has formed, they come to believe that they are the role they have assumed, their adaptation is real to them. This pretension requires much psychic energy to maintain and leads to frustration, overwhelm, exhaustion, and dis-ease. 

In these lowered energetic states the individual unconsciously does two things that makes their continued intellectual and emotional growth and development very challenging.

First they defend their false-self with psychic defense mechanisms, thus suppressing others expressions relative to them, and then denying the unacceptable parts of themselves that come to light, banishing them to the dark recesses of their unconscious shadow. This leads to shadow projections, anxiety, anger, upset and further reinforces suppressions and repressions.

Second, as they are externally directed and focused, they must adopt the beliefs and social rules of their environment, their conscience (sense of right and wrong) now becomes externalized, and their Superego now transforms into a ruthless task master (relative to the persons overall personality and enegetic balance), chattering what they shoulda, woulda, and coulda done and should do.

Unconsciously they have intellectually, emotionally, and perceptually hemmed themselves in and as a consequence possess a lowered sense self-confidence, a weak ego-strength (identity) and have no choice but to conform to their environment, as they already seek their validation of the role that they play from outside themselves.

Our Perception of who we are and what reality is, is the composite of our own fundamental beliefs, our worldview or our lens through which we experience the world. What we accept as proof, truth, or as acceptable to believe in, is predicated upon the lens through which we frame our own reality.  

For Domain Specific folks new beliefs, like the defenses they employ to justify the role that they play, are adopted with little or weak justification. Beliefs are adopted ranging from no justification (someone says so) to authority deference, to rules given a specific context, to confirmation bias. 

Confirmation Bias, one of the most demanding justifications required by domain specific individuals to believe new information, is the process of professing a statement or a conclusion, and then actively searching for evidence to support it. The highest justification employed by these individuals, is presenting some appropriate contextual evidence, but then applying their own personal values to justify their conclusions.

Common expression characteristics of Domain Specific Individuals:

*They depend on external validation and motivation to continue playing their roles.

*They defer responsibility, thinking, and important decisions to others (authorities/rules).

*They collect virtuous values and advertise them through the role of their false-self. When they feel they have been caught or have slipped up, they transfer blame or defend their breach.

*They preferentially control their external environment, since they have little access or control over their internal one. They have Spotless homes, cars, offices; they are excellent citizens and work hard, pay their taxes and bills on time; and can be obsessive/compulsive but usually play it off well with a laugh and a wink.

*They view the world hierarchically, good/bad, like/dislike, acceptable/unacceptable, and respect those whose roles are what they try to be or what they want to be playing.

*Much of their lives are on autopilot, as preselected habitual left brain unconscious looped programs, ease their internal confusion and gives their role the appearance of working well.

*They are Passive, they are not in charge of their own lives, as that requires an Active engagement and psychic and brain hemispherical and vertical integration.

*They have reduced empathy, creative and decision making abilities.

*They think everyone thinks as they do, or they should.

Domain Specific Individuals lack the strength of ego identity, self-confidence and internal courage to progress through the required developmental stage of ego integration, which would lead them ultimately to intellectual, emotional and perceptual integration. 

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