Awareness and Focus of Being

I’m now developing a system to help people develop themselves from the inside out. 

“Meta-Living”: Awareness and Focus of Being.

I want to start off by saying that everybody is born with everything that they need to experience everything they would like to and do more than they can possibly imagine in this life.

Whether we would like to admit it or not we all play a role(s) and sometimes many roles in our lives. Our belief that our roles are real, and the energy we infuse into maintaining our role(s), drains us of the energy we require to live as we truly can.

We must become aware of the role(s) we play, when we play it and develop an awareness beyond that role, an awareness to consciously direct the role we are playing.

The ultimate awareness is knowing why we selected a certain role and the ability to change it at will. This requires a strong sense of internal strength, openness, vulnerability and intrinsic motivation, it requires an unwavering belief in our ability to choose and think wisely.

For any sort of behavioral change we must start with our perception, or our prism through which we “see” the world.

Perception is our worldview, or our compilation of all of our beliefs, it is the source through which new experience leads us to form conclusions or our perceptions of any given experience.

Perception can be likened to a prism, the angle of the prism determines the output or our conclusion, and the array and broad spectrum of colors.

A prism can be made of any clear substance with a reflective flat surface that meets and deflects the oncoming light (experience).

The angle at which the reflective surface meets light, and the clarity of the prism internally, determines the output of the spectrum of colors.

Our job as individuals, as living beings, is to set our prism, ourselves, at the most ideal angle and with the most internal clarity, to provide us with the most true picture of reality. Only then can we begin to go about aiming our focus and directing our energy towards truly worthy and potent goals.

Our beliefs that make up our own individual prism are most often not our own but adopted from outside of ourselves as we grow.

Until our beliefs are firmly are own, our resolve, our internal motivation is not our own. Until our beliefs are our own, we tend to let new beliefs into our prism too easily, we lack the conviction to discern beliefs that focus our prism and those that obscure and warp it.

The beliefs that we adopt or assume from others comprise our superego, that part of us that tells us what we should, what we would, or what we could do or behave, but it is not us.


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