The Beginning: Self-Directed Internal Integration

Our Goal: To Play the Game of Life, as we direct it, no matter what curves life throws at us. The more internal confidence we acquire, the better our lives become and the more we can contribute to the world.

To the extent that our lives are directed by the chattering of our internal superego or by the whims of external motivations, we are not truly living.

There is a point in all of our lives, when we are young usually, that we discover we must comply to the needs, wishes and wants of others.

The pain from the shock of this, doesn’t so much stem from the fact that we are instructed to do things that we don’t necessarily want to do, but that we, us, ourselves are not valued for who we are, but for how we perform for those who care for and possess some power over us. 

This establishes in our little minds that the role that we play (our adaptation, or our personality), is not good enough, we must improve our acting ability to gain what we need and stave off what we don’t want.

Even when we’re young, our mental, emotional and perceptual growth all occur in the same way, we do something that we weren’t completely sure we were able to do, and in doing so, we build a measure of self-confidence and the belief in our ability to thrive in uncertain situations.

As a child our internal development and growth is predicated on the quantity, and the ever increasing complexity of the challenges that we are willing to face and overcome.

As the quantity of these growth experiences increases, the quality of who we “see” ourselves as, of who we are in our own mind changes.

Carl Jung spoke of the “self-sacrifice”, during adolescence a most difficult separation must occur in order that one may continue their internal development. An emotional and cognitive separation of the child (in their new adult body) and the acceptance of the self as a whole and separate entity from ones parents, is the most challenging task we all must face. 

As the vast majority of us do not fully complete this task, the result is a largely underdeveloped and conformed society. However, we can always take charge of our selves and our lives, though as time goes by to regain control of ourselves (internally) only gets more difficult.

It is in the challenging times, the most vexing of our lives that a pearl is offered to us, when much is stripped away much can be gained.  

The heroes journey is offered to us and it is ours to except or to deny, though most of us feel woefully underprepared and would gladly take a reprieve were it offered, the journey is an exercise in proving to ourselves internally that our expression is capable of more than we ever imagined externally.

As a result of answering and meeting this challenge, our level of internal self-confidence and intrinsic motivation is increased exponentially, and enormous amounts of internal psychic energy that had been diverted to the maintenance of the “role” we play is drawn back inside to us! 

We now possess the energy required to battle and overcome the ramblings of our limiting superego and the mephitic projections of our shadow hiding in the dark recesses of the unknown.  

The integration of our personality and our psyche, marks the beginning of our cognitive, emotional and perceptual alignment and integration, that continues to free up blocks and the energy behind them, that we may employ to develop fully.

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