Strange Bedfellows 

The Superego: Corrects and sees flaws and faults. It banished the Shadow out of consciousness.

The ID: Gets mad when not satisfied. The Superego denies it. Our drive and our motivator must be babied.

The Shadow: Projects what it denies. Angry at the Superego for banishing its most beautiful, wise and creative soul.

Awareness: The role we play, is directed by 3 strange bedfellows, or us!😉

Focus: Freeing ourselves from being batted around by these guys, provides us with much power that we may focus where we’d like.

Insecurity: Not identifying with our role.

Confidence: Knowing our role and modifying it at will.

Strength: Accepting ourselves and new responsibilities.

Courage: Considering new possibilities.

Love: Seeing yourself and others as they are, love must move and circulate to heal. Love is powerful, but requires a specific target to be received!

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