Earned, Not Borrowed

Certainly Shakespeare, Goethe, Aistotle, Einstein and others were bequeathed with something a bit more powerful than an Intel I-7 betwixt the ears from birth, but that fact did not insure that their lives were going to be the picnics that one might imagine.

Like all of us, even those whose names we rattle off though we never knew them, had their own mighty challenges to overcome long before we started quoting them.  

Shakespeare didn’t run around his house spitting out similies and metaphors when he was six, he had to actively engage his mind and develop his deep understanding of the world and human nature alone.

These folks far surpassed their peers, not because they wanted to, but because they actively developed the gifts they had been given on their own.  

When there exists no benchmark, no book to learn the gift that you will eventually bestow unto the world, you’re proof of what is possible, not a fluke or one to be marveled at.

3 thoughts on “Earned, Not Borrowed”

    1. I took a gander at your piece about your weekend and being inspired by the musicians and the talent you experienced. I can sense a visceral honesty in you words. You have a heart for beauty and truth, that is obvious. I’d encourage you to continue to put your words out there and to allow yourself to be inspired by what you come up with.

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