Awareness of Being, Awareness of Focus

When we have become fully awake again, when we have welcomed back all of our experiences, expressions, gifts and blunders into one accepting whole, then and only then, can we begin to effortlessly direct our focus as we are truly intended.

When we can live with a light touch, knowing that we are playing a role when we enter into any discourse or interaction with others, we can naturally intuit our way through our lives, sans any contrived strategizing.

To be aware is to be fully present, to more than listen to mere words, to more than see ones expression, to more than notice the parts, but to automatically synthesize and know the whole. 

No technique exists now or ever that will grant us such a perspective. Only by fully embracing our total being, only by wanting to know us, only by risking the disappointment of what our limited awareness may find beneath, can we open up to who and what we truly are.

In the end we must do this alone, by ourselves, in the solitude of our own mind, being, soul. When we can, we know, and others who know, can see as we see them.

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