The Battle Within

The original myth of God was once our own internal sense of moral conscience, but now as the overlording superego, it banishes the most glorious, creative and wise aspects of the conscious ego Lucifer (the shadow) into the dark recesses of our unconscious. 
These two, once aspects of our normal ego consciousness (self), battle back and forth, taking with them much of our true nature and wasting most of our psychic energy.

When we are younger and into adolescence, we find out that we are not good enough so we conform to the rules of our external environment, parents, institutions, etc.  

By getting “God” and “Lucifer” back together under our ego control, we free much energy we’ve been wasting on the war along with our true nature, wisdom and creativity. 
We use this to get developing intellectually, perceptually and emotionally again! 

This is the beginning of true maturity and growth, this is us! This is our true potential!

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