Character and Story Development

Setting up interesting dialogue and character interactions:

Have a triangle of characters that center around a representations of an obvious quintessential archetype (this character can express at varying levels of growth and awareness, from a ditch digger to the president of the US) and one character who is a bit attracted to him/her and one who is repulsed, but feels forced to cope with him/her. The two polarized characters lack the self-confidence and awareness to move in their best directions.

Attracted to Strong Archetype: (weaker identity)

Kip: Directionless young Adult: No sense of identity, he thinks Rico could be the answer, but when his mystified girlfriend gives him an identity, he assumes it immediately. This pulls him farther away from himself.

Quintessential Archetype:

Uncle Rico: Arrested Development: Ego Driven and Externally yearns to express his Hero, to be adored, not to express his true gifts. He has no clue that he’s playing a role, and is stuck. 

Repulsed by Strong Archetype: (stronger identity)

Napoleon: Highschool Student: with lack of guidance or direction. He so wants to express his gifts, but his lack of discernment foils him again and again. Eventually his dance routine is very helpful for his growth process.

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