Creativity is Fundamental

The most Fundamental and Foundational natural endowment that human conscious awareness bequeaths us, is the emergent gift of Creativity.

As Light is dependent upon Gravity to be made manifest, as no mass-energy could move dynamically to interact with other mass-energies, absent the effects of Gravity, so too is our human growth and expression (Individually and Collectively) dependent on our expressions of Creativity.

Skill, Talent or a highly developed acumen in any particular field of endeavor, is not an expression of true human creativity, until it expresses as truly novel from the intuition of the creative individual.

Reason, Intelligence, Logic, active experience, Knowledge and ones personal view of reality are all important as they provide a basis for the accurate accumulation of the components that creativity requires to be made manifest intuitively, but creativity like Gravity, is an emergent phenomenon requiring an ample base from which to draw it’s insights.

And as gravity becomes stronger, as it draws more mass-energy into one particular location, so too does creativity become stronger as it draws more its necessary constituents into a closer integral approximation, to provide us with deeper and ever more profound creations.

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