Fostering Our Kids Development

The problem that happens in socializing a child occurs when we fail to account for their angst to know and create on their own.

By fostering an accepting environment, with a wide enough tether to express their thoughts and ideas, we can prevent the frustration that kids feel, when adults assert their authority above the needs of the developing child.

There are times when a child must be redirected for their own good, however that would be the exception rather than the rule, if we were to only get out of the way of their super curious little minds.

We learn heuristically (trial and error using our developing reasoning), and we must let kids workout their own acute frustrations in the creative learning process, so that they can develop emotionally and perceptually along with their cognitive development.

By holding children able and affording them consistent opportunities to express their creativity in a very accepting way, we can foster their own natural growth.

Kids, like adults yearn to reason so that they may acquire meaning and then link new and existing knowledge around that centralized meaning (to develop a strong construct of reality). 

The more developed a child is in all three components of intellect, emotions and perceptions, the more accurately they will reason and eventually automatically intuit in their own lives. 

In this way they can develop and a sense of internal motivation, and grow to become less reliant upon others, while learning to give, intuit, develop their empathy and express with little internal or external restrictions.

They have a better chance of expressing themselves truly and of developing into their full potential in all ways, if their motivation is intrinsically wielded.

When they feel their expression is blocked, they will hold back and try out more superficial avenues to express themselves. Depending how disparate their own ideas and feelings are from what is considered acceptable by the authorities in their lives.

When children feel that they must acquiesce most of their own expression to be considered acceptable by the authority figures in their lives, they will come to too heavily rely upon others to do their thinking for them, or they will  come to resent perceived authority figures so much, that they go past them and rely on rules instead of authorities. 

We can help them progress to solid deductive reasoning and beyond, if we become sensitive to how we all develop and grow. 

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