Cliche Followers (for character development)

I’m developing exact personality types for my writing and character development. These “Cliche Followers”, make up the largest segment of the population,

Cliche Followers:

Arrested Development at Concrete Inductive

Perceptual-Emotional-Cognitive Development (PECD)

Etiology for their Expression:

Psyche Split:

They have not been able to effectively express their creativity or gifts, and/or have been scolded for doing so. They as children (unconsciously as a defensive mechanism), introjected a composite external entity into their own reality, replacing their own internal sense of morality. This foreign personality derided their creativity and want to express their gifts to such an extent that it banished those aspects of their personality into the “Shadows” of their unconsciousness.

As a result, they experience a voice in their head that instructs them to think and behave as they are “supposed to”, or as they have “been told to”. Their denied self, resentful from being banished into the shadows, throws out projections when it recognizes what itself always wanted to express as, on the external. This internal tug of war, is energy draining and can overwhelm Cliche Followers, leaving them with little interest or energy in obtaining new knowledge or engaging in endeavors that stretch their current adopted beliefs or imagination.

Chaotic Internal Neural Circuitry:

At this stage of PECD (in which their development has been arrested), they cannot effectively conceive of more abstract concepts, largely as a result of their asymmetric hemispherical discrepancies, and discordant priming mechanisms. For instance, the left temporal lobe modulates language and grammar, whereas the contralateral right temporal lobe, modulates the context and understanding of nonverbal thought and communication. When the right hemisphere is off-line and out of alignment with the left, brain circuits are inefficient and consume more energy than when both hemispheres are integrated properly. Unconsciously pre-programmed thought and behavioral Schema allow for habitual looping and energy conservation, though awareness is lessened.

Unacceptable Feelings and Emotions:

Our reptilian brain, the primary motivator of human behavior (termed the Id by Freud) operates unconsciously, and requires that its needs be gratified. Because its needs can be considered un-socially acceptable, Cliche Followers, must repress and deny their feeling associated with their internal lower brain needs. This further contributes to their internal sense of unworthiness, shame, insecurity, and a lack of identity strength, leading them to seek their validation from their external environment and limiting their willingness to risk new and challenging experiences.

Preconscious Thougt Stream: confusing and chaotic subconscious thoughts, add to the Cliche Followers internal anxiety, and also contributes to their arrested development. These thoughts tend to center around an earlier developmental Thought Language (auditory, Kinesthetic, visual or verbal). A fixation on specific themes can be noticed in their language and preferences.

Poor Memory and Inadequate Knowledge-base: due to a lack of overall integration, chaotic hemispherical asymmetry and a lack of consistent access to contexually rich episodic memory stores. (Contributes to identity issues)

Humor, Irony and Sarcasm: all are processed on the right side of the brain. Their inability to discern subtle humor, makes them uneasy causing them to be intolerant of broad ranges of humor. Cliche recirculated jokes provide them with ample humor.

Externalized Odering: is an unconscious defense mechanism to lessen internal conflicts. Cliche followers have much uncertainty in their realities, and abhor ambiguous situations and unknowns. To compensate for their lack of internal integrity, they overcompensate by organizing their external environments in different ways. Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors, anal retentive cleanliness and excessive tidying, endless to do lists, inability to relax, and other dopamine stimulating socially acceptable addictions are employed to calm their internal anxieties.

Lack of Creativity, Learning or Knowledge Seeking Activities: they fear of what is uncertain, and therefore rarely engage in activities that might cause them to question their adopted beliefs and values. (Fear of Change)

Poor Reasoning and Belief Justification Skills: Authorities, rules, and confirmation bias suffice in allowing in new beliefs that require no change or challenge on their part.

Unaware they are Playing a Adapted Role: they believe that are the role they play.

Poor Nonverbal Communication Skills: right side of brain, they prefer to focus on grammar and spelling, to creative writing.

Reduced Empathy: as they possess little identity strength, they rarely invest the energy in understanding others from their perspective.

Growth equates to working within the system that they find themselves a part of. They do not comprehend that they are in a system, or that they are a part of many systems.

Easily offended, actively take on offenses, and hold onto resentments: they cannot truly forgive and jealously keep track of the sins of others. They will pretend they forgive, as that is an important value known by the norm. They actively block all discordant, or nonvalidating experiences.

Their Values are assumed and adopted from their environment. For those who are more naturally intelligent, the complexity of their beliefs and the rhetoric that justifies it, can be more savvy but it is never personally internalized. (Pretension)

Wisdom equates to deliberately making life easier and free of stress and conflict. If it minimizes risk and maximizes comfort, then it is a wise choice. Money is the center of most wise decisions for a Cliche Follower.

*This flaw in thinking prevents them from advancing in PECD. By actively blocking out risk and new experiences that would challenge them, they cannot develop enough internally motivated direction to enter into or accept their hero’s journey. If presented with a very challenging task, they will actively absolve themselves of it and shift responsibilty as quickly as possible.

Inability to be Alone: They cannot be alone for any appreciable amount of time, as they possess a weak or mercurial identity.

Awareness: Very Low, they are usually on autopilot, guessing, generalizing or deferring to perceived authority figures or parental-surrogates.

Self-confidence: nonexistent internally, but a compliment or an external validation can elevate their mood and appear as self-confidence, especially to like minded folks.

Focus: on the particular, the parts, definitions, rules, laws, hierarchies, comparisons, good/bad, always on the external.

Responsibility: they shift responsibilty by blaming, making excuses, and a host of other defense mechanisms. To buttress their responsibility shifting they will act out in confirmation bias and/or commiserate with like minded Cliche Followers to absolve themselves of the guilt associated with their behavior. Sadly, guilt cannot be fully suppressed and is repressed perpetuating further contracting their expression and their development.

Communication Style: they can appear affable, curteous and even overly ingratiating, but they are always fishing for external validation in the form of a compliment. Conversations hover around superficial subjects and they will not reveal their true feelings. An everpresent externally focused awareness of other people prevents them from noticing more subtle nuances.  

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