Identity and Relationships

The shock of being deemed not good enough or unworthy by the very people that related their world to you, before you possessed any conscious Psychic construct to comprehend the environment you found yourself in, is exceedingly potent.

If we still rely upon our parents to deem us as acceptable, we by default have identity issues, as we have not yet fully separated our identity from theirs. 

Our awareness and focus must be externally focused, as there is no point of reference for who we are.

In the context of relationships, with at least one individual who has identity issues, there can exist no deep connection because there is at least one person who is not fully present. 

Those with identity issues tend to be great supporters and very loyal, right up until the point that they feel their mates identity is challenged, that’s when they will do anything to assume a new identity from another.

Research shows that creativity is actually associated with childhood adversity, as children can often see their parents as human during these experiences. In this way they are more resistant to assuming a more conforming and judgmental superego, that normally replaces one sense of internal morality. Hence less internal conflict and more awareness of oneself and creativity can be accessed.

If one were to review the childhoods of some of the most creative and ingenius men and women of all time, more often than naught, they experienced severe childhood tragedy.

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