Motivation Internal vs. External

Though Labels limit and separate, those who are externally motivated, require them as they define their world providing them a sense of certainty and security.

When ones focus is directed outward, motivation is largely a matter of what one can procure from outside of themselves. 

To re-motivate oneself in this game, guilt, comparisons and doing what you’re supposed to do rules all thought processes. Adopted values, beliefs and cat posters assist these folks in reasoning through what feels wrong to them inside.

When ones focus in directed from the inside, motivation cannot be instilled by guilt, the threat of loss, the stigma of breaking arbitrary rules or the legalism the externally motivated rely so heavily upon.

The externally motivated, will never suppose to understand the internally motivated, unless they are externally successful in their eyes.

The internally motivated, were once externally motivated to some extent, so they understand the externally motivated.

Two completely different perspectives, one pushed the other drawn.

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