What’s Left?

Truth is what is left when you strip all illusionary distraction away.

Being is what is left when you strip all illusionary distraction away.

Soul is what is left when you strip all illusionary distraction away.

Love is what is left when you strip all illusionary distraction away.”


Relationship Triads and the Psyche Metaphor

Conformity means that one is not aware that they are more than the role they play. They may say they understand this concept, but all of their words and actions speak to the contrary, and they’ve not yet accepted enough challenges to develop the perspective that reveals to them that they are not their role. (Slow Grower, more fearful, more conformed, less confident)

Awareness means the knowledge one has of their role (self-awareness) and of others roles (awareness in general). The level of ones awareness will attract others of similar levels awareness, who understand that particular language, or communication style.

The Relationship/Psyche Triad: Providing the tension for drama or passion

The Perfectionist: (Overly Conformed) Rule Follower, yearns to be a good person (play their role perfectly) Typically the female role

The Hero: Archetypical Role: (Conformed) Leader, the others want to emulate their act, they appear to follow their script well. Typically the Male role

The Rule Breaker: (Resists Conformity): Guide, wants to break free from the chains of normalcy and express themselves as they truly are. Typically the teenager role

These three archetypes tend to show up in friendships, and comprise the Ego, The Superego and The Shadow/Id in the individual in psychological terms.

Post Hero’s Journey Archetypal Expressions

Post Hero’s Journey Archetypes: all give more than they receive from others, and must be inspired from their spirit of love within to be effective at their roles. They have balanced their psyche enough to develop further as an adult.

A progression of transcendent Archetypical Roles, from least to most aware.

Wise sages live alone and often in places that are so difficult to reach that most men will not brave the journey to find them. They must be sought out deliberately when the student is ready, if they lived in regular society they’d be branded as crazy, so they alone wait for people to come to them. Their satisfaction is felt from the good they’ve done for another and the world alone, not from the external. They tend to be moody, but truth tends to center them quickly, so they will help the seeker.

Wizards are wise sages that can live in society without others being aware of it, but others who need their energy are attracted to them, which can be many or few depending on the Wizards path. They add energy to experiences and motivate others externally or internally as the other requires it. Their wit allows them to be successful to the extent it is intuitive and true to their being.

Lovers are Wise Wizards who feel an intense love for and connection with to the spirit within those they interact with. They can read and speak all languages so well that they edify others intuitively. They have a challenge finding other similar well balanced matches for themselves, as they are in the practice of reading and speaking to and for others.

Mavens are lovers who know how to play the game with such awareness that they can turn a group or even a culture towards enlightenment with their energy and charisma. This energy gets passed onto others and the culture is lifted as a result.

That Which Fuels Us: Our Two Motivational Drives

Role Playing Drive: an imbalance in our role play drive keeps us motivated to play it better.

Our Psychsomatic Motivator: Our primary and ultimately our most powerful motivator, it kicks in the strongest when it thinks we are about to die, we go on autopilot to survive. It also fuels our eating, sex, addictions, distractions, music, desires, wants, creativity, many like and dislikes (along with our psyche) and our role play. The lower brain centers control eating, drinking, electrolyte intake, blood pressure, respiration, etc. This keeps us alive, gratified and satiated and it itself must be gratified and even babied.

Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

Many an Ideology has caused many to feel bad enough (or kill) to deny and repress any need they may feel eminating from thier primary motivator, such as longing for sexual experiences and for particular people, but any ideology itself is merely the ideas of a sage, that has often been robbed of their meanings and potency, by those who cannot or will not discern the true intended message.

Role Playing Needs must be met first before other needs, lest we breakdown physically and would not be able to function.

Ego Playing Drive: an imbalance in our internal psyche keeps us motivated to express it.

Our Psychic Motivator: The primary motivator for accepting our hero’s journey and challenging ourselves to grow beyond our current expression. Once we complete our hero journey(s) the source of our motivation, from our urge to prove ourselves to ourselves and the world, dissipates and we feel a very strong urge to locate our own being. We do this in specific ways depending on our gift/challenge (they are two sides of the same coin). 

Our greatest gift is our greatest challenge, until we know how we are supposed to play the game that we’ve been given to play.

We must harness our energy that is freed up from our Ego Playing drive (when we complete our hero’s journey) in order to rise above our Role Playing Drive, and Drive ourselves! 


Politics is a game that is comprised of those who want to force us to believe as they do and those who want to convince us to believe as we should.