The States of Matter


Physical matter can express in one of four basic states, solid, liquid, gas or plasma. The more energy and freedom that matter (mass-energy) possesses, it transforms from a solid to a liquid to a gas to plasma.

In our daily lives we see, ice, water and steam, as more energy (or heat) is added to matter. 

Plasma, though it is the most abundant state of matter in the Universe, is rarely seen upon earth. The Northern Lights, are an ionic plasma exchange that occurs at earths poles, as earths electrostatic charge is neutralized in space.

Plasma is the form matter takes in stars and our sun. In this heightened state of energy, stars create Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen, and along with hydrogen (the most basic element and what stars use as fuel to create elements) makes life possible.

So the more free matter is the more energy it has!

Interesting, what are we made of again?šŸ˜‰

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