Gumps Stages of Human Cognitive-Emotional-Perceptual Development 


innocent, want to learn and express their gifts, magical thinking, transfers blame to others. 

*Developing their identity

*Belief Justfication: their need for security and certainty prevents them from accurately discerning between truth and untruth.

*Life Engagement: Learning, not aware 


they have settled and their adopted superficial language and beliefs gives them the appearance that they are adults but….only in disguise. 

*Adopted their identity

*Belief Justification: like children, though a more sophisticated pretense is employed so as to appear well justified.

*Life Engagement: Not Knowing, Passive (Overly Polarized Internally)


have questioned their own beliefs and have found their culture does not provide them with internal solace or peace. 

*They are clarifying their identity 

*Belief Justification: highly well-reasoned deductive argument, or even dialectic or trialectic reasoning required to adopt a new or clarified belief.

*Life Engagement: Seeking Knowledge Actively


they know, they show and others grow, from their very strong sense of identity

*Actively living their purpose, Aligned and Integrated

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